2019 Haitian Women's Conference

Location: Delta Hotel & Conference Center
Address: 7111 Washington Ave, Racine, WI 53406
Telephone: 847.901.3016
E-mail: info@womenseekingthefather.org

*Price includes: Hotel, meals plus the cost of the conference
4 person/Room $180.00 USD 3 person/Room $195.00 USD
2 person/Room 210.00 USD Single Room $270.00 USD

Hey Ladies!

Join us and take the challenge!

In 2019, I want to challenge each of you to never walk in fear. Boldly trust God to do the unthinkable through you.
Step out and trust Jesus to do what He wants to do in your life. NO MORE FEAR. Instead, become a fearless woman of God, walking in power, love and self-discipline.
Do not give into the world's system or test and trials of this life.

get ready to let faith take you only where faith can!

Our 2019 guest speakers

Emma Soy

Ordained Minister, Christian Speaker, Author, Mentor and Founder of Women Seeking The Father Ministry

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Nancy Pierre

Ordained Minister, Christian Speaker
Life Coach, and Entrepreneur
Brooklyn, NY

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Lyndsay Job

Administrative Assistant
Church of God Christian Life Center
Boston, MA

  read her bio

Motivational Speaker, Youth Mentor
and social media influencer
Chicago, IL

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