About The Team


Reverend emma soy

Ordained Minister, Christian Speaker,
Author, Mentor and Founder
of Women Seeking The Father Ministry

  • Her message:

    Ladies, God wants you to be Healthy, Wealthy and Beautiful. Drawing from her professional background in nursing, Emma surrendered her life, talents, gifts and experience for the kingdom of God.

  • Her Vision:

    To help restore physical and spiritual health through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to help women live out their God-given purpose on Earth.

Her Story

Emma Soy was born in a small town in Haiti to a teenage girl, and was raised by her Christian grand-mother who introduced Christ in her life at an early age. Emma is the founder of Women Seeking the Father Ministry, a movement calling Christian women to embrace God as their heavenly father and to seek His heart first. The Ministry was founded out of Emma's personal longing to build a relationship with her earthly father, whom she didn't meet until her adult years. Upon their meeting, she was ultimately rejected.
The absence of a father figure in her life caused emotional emptiness throughout her childhood and manifested in poor eating habits and financial decisions as an adult. For many years, she battled fibromyalgia, a syndrome characterized by fatigue, tenderness and chronic pain in the muscles and soft tissues surrounding joints. Low self-esteem drove her to retreat from the world, finding comfort only in isolation. Finally, the grace of God prevailed. The ministry she founded to bless others became her own miracle.

Emma Soy is an author and speaker with a passion for healing the hearts and souls of the sick. A registered nurse for more than 25 years, as well as an ordained minister, author, speaker and mentor. Described by family and friends as caring, steadfast, and full of life, her life's mission is to restore physical and spiritual health through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help all people live out their God-given purpose on Earth.

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The committee

Front row: Left-right
Marie-Rose Michel, Ania Antoine, Linda Jean-Baptiste, Emma Soy, Mecene Soy, Marie Telemaque, Pejanie Clermont, Ania Robert, Magalie Oscar.
Back row: Left-right
Jasmine Armand, Mercie Joseph,Dinah Louis, Nancy Dumont, Patricia Cherisol

The worship team